Antisemitism - The Longest Hatred

Antisemitism: The Longest Hatred, 1991 (Book), by Robert Solomon Wistrich

Antisemitism scholar Robert Solomon Wistrich explores the history of antisemitism from pagan hostility toward Jews to Christian anti-Judaism, and the latter’s overwhelming influence on contemporary antisemitism. Wistrich examines the ideologies of Karl Marx and Hitler, the experience of Jews in Islamic countries, Jewish stereotypes, and more, to give a full portrait of antisemitism’s historical roots and contemporary significance.

Understanding Antisemitism: An Offering to Our Movement, 2017 (Booklet), by Jews for Racial and...

An informational document authored by a multiracial, multiethnic, intergenerational team breaks down and addresses major questions surrounding antisemitism. The resource from Jews for Racial and Economic Justice is divided into three main sections, with many sub-sections, to give readers a thorough understanding of antisemitism and its complexities.

The Past Didn’t Go Anywhere: Making Resistance to Antisemitism Part of All of Our...

In her 2007 pamphlet, April Rosenblum demonstrates the very present threat of institutionalized anti-Jewish opression, or antisemitism, around the world, and calls primarily on the activist left to acknowledge that action must be taken. Rosenblum deconstructs myths and examples of antisemitism relating to Zionism, Israel and Palestine, and ultimately offers suggestions for activists on how to proceed.

Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction, 2007 (Book), by Steven Beller

In his book, scholar and author Steven Beller examines and untangles the various strands of antisemitism seen through history, revealing why hatred of the Jews appears to be so persistent through time in the social, political, and cultural contexts. Beller explores “Aryan” supremacy, “Muslim antisemitism,” Holocaust denial, and European xenaphobia, and other topics to demonstrate how antisemitism persists around the world.

The Psychology of Antisemitism, Nov. 3, 2019 (Article/Essay), by Amy Cuddy

“Why is prejudice against Jewish people so often expressed in sudden waves of virulent, even exterminatory attacks?” Social psychologist Amy Cuddy uses her new theory on prejudice to explain the answer.

Dismantling the Big Lie: The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, 2003 (Book), by...

Steven Leonard Jacobs and Mark Weitzman debunk the major propaganda source for justifying antisemitism from tsarist Russia, titled The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.The authors examine the book’s history and legacy, and refute the 24 protocols item by item.