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Steve Rabinowitz

Steve Rabinowitz is a political image maker, media strategist, publicist, and event planner who works for progressive, Democratic, and Jewish causes. A former Clinton White House press aide, he founded Bluelight Strategies, a Washington public affairs firm, in 2014 with Aaron Keyak, the Biden campaign Jewish engagement director, as a successor to two older firms whose combined clients have included the seeming entire alphabet soup that is the American Jewish community of the center and center-left. Steve also possesses a deep knowledge of campaign politics that stretches back 45 years, having worked on the national staffs of nine U.S. presidential campaigns. At Bluelight, he was a founder of a 2016 pro-Israel Hillary Clinton super PAC targeting Jews in swing states. In 2012, he was instrumental in creating the Hub, which worked to ensure the Jewish vote for President Obama. He and Keyak also created No Nukes for Iran, an independent expenditure campaign in support of Obama’s Iran agreement. In 2004, the Jewish Forward named Rabinowitz among the 50 most influential Jews in America. Steve taught years of courses in political communications at George Washington University and in the graduate schools at Johns Hopkins University.